The Morris Wolfe Bursary for Examining the Role of Media in Society

Morris Wolfe (1938-2021) was a prominent cultural nationalist Canadian writer whose thoughts about media were published in regular columns in Saturday Night and The Globe and Mail, and in book form in Jolts: The TV Wasteland and the Canadian Oasis (1985). Wolfe advocated for and wrote about Canadian media in A Saturday Night Scrapbook (1973), Signing On: The Birth of Radio in Canada (1982), and a 3-record compilation, Fifty Years of Radio (1986). He was a frequent guest on programs such as As It Happens, Morningside, and Canada AM, and in 1981 undertook a series of retrospective interviews with all living Massey lecturers for Ideas.

Above all, as a lover of words and ideas, he was deeply concerned that media were becoming superficial and addictive, and that social media was affecting our ability as a society to pay attention to complex and important ideas.

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